The Mausoleum of Quaid-e-Azam

                                                                               KARACHI INTERNATIONAL AIR PORT


Pakistan Army

                                                                               Night at karachi city

                                                                                 Night at karachi city
                                                                                  Night at karachi city

                                                                             Classical Architecture of K A R A C HI

                                                                                            Frere Hall Karachi

          Saint Patrick's Cathedral, Karachi


Adil Anwar was born in Karachi - the city of lights, on Dec 6th, 1987, he did his early schooling in his native city. Despite being the son of Anwar Ansari,

 Adil Anwar has earned his present status on his own merit. He studied at karachi university . Besides curricular activities he has participated greatly in extracurricular activities. As an intellectual, writer and orator, he is widely acknowledged.

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